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About A.R. Hall

Born and raised in the beautiful Texas Hill Country was a little girl with wild, curly hair and a growing imagination. Storytelling began at an early age as an only child who loved to use her imagination and make up stories. As she grew, she could never decide on what she wanted to be once she was grown up. Her love of making up stories didn’t stop, and it was with that imagination she realized she could live all of those realities and dreams, in stories.


A.R. Hall is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in Texas with her almost high school sweetheart husband, daughters, dogs, and a growing collection of crafting hobbies. She claims to be an extroverted introvert, but every Pisces likes to keep their head in the clouds. Her other interests include starting gardens, binging tv shows, eating sour candy, and tracking her hydration.


All of her books are also currently in KU.

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