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Rogue Enforcers

Welcome to the Rogue Enforcers.

Based on Grace Brennan’s series Blood and Bone Enforcers MC, this paranormal world will take you for a ride deep into the gray areas of shifter law. The Rogue Enforcers shouldn't exist, but they do. Created by those who were snubbed, this group of badass misfits will claw, shred, and rage war against any evil that threatens the shifter world. Permission be damned.

The Mafia. Hunters. Witches. Warlocks. Wolves. Tigers. Bears. And everything in between. This shared world has it all. So, get ready to take an adventure you won’t soon forget


Killian O’Sorian knew he was broken. There was only one person he lived his life for—and she was a figment of his imagination. It was what made the decision to join the Rogue Enforcers so easy. He could help them while he still had control of himself, and once his mind finally snapped for good, the Rogues would be there to take him down before he became a danger to others—he hoped. It was a shaky plan, but it was the best he had.

Scarlett Neill was a hacker by day and vigilante by night. It wasn’t the fairytale she wanted as a little girl, but it was who she became after her attack. She made it her life’s mission to go after the real monsters in the world—shifters who turned others against their will.

Worlds come crashing together as a new lead turns into an even bigger mystery—one more horrific than anything her darkest nightmares could produce. Vicious attacks were happening in the French Quarter, and what emerged was a Ripper like never before—a shifter hybrid, terrifying an entire city with his evil.
The truth is about to be revealed—but what happens when it’s your worst fear? When everything—and everyone—around you is tainted with suspicion and secrets, is it possible to find someone you can truly trust?

When you’re living in a nightmare you can’t escape, only one thing is certain. Put your trust in the wrong person, and it’s game over—forever.

Jeremy Hays felt stuck in his hometown. He’d considered moving many times, but everything he loved was there. It didn’t help how incomplete he felt. Joining the Rogue Enforcers helped some; it gave him a purpose. If only he could find the one who would matter most—his fated mate.

Stella Pine was disappointed with the way her life was going. She desperately needed a change. Finding out her recently deceased father left her everything wasn’t the change she was prepared for. He was a stranger to her. But it was something different and a new place.

A house in need of love.
A hot handyman.
Instant attraction.

Stella knew she was broken, it was why her previous relationships failed—she failed. What happens when the past repeats itself?

Secrets are revealed and nobody is prepared.


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