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February Updates & Surprises

Hey friends!

I'm excited to announce a surprise release this month (on my birthday, 2/21).

Messages from the Other Side

It is a standalone novelette that takes place in the same world as The Ringmistress. I've been doing some major world building and I'm excited to share more stories in it soon.


Lost and unrecognizable, Diana has been hiding out since the accident. That is until a stranger gives her a way to communicate with someone from the other side.

For a year, Ben has been stuck in limbo, unable to move on. He’s not ready to give up on his life or his girl. There are rumors amongst the dead of some coming back.

What would you do if you had the opportunity for a second chance? Could you make the deal?

Pre-order your copy HERE.

*In other news, I'm sorry to say that the team won't be at the Capital City signing in Alabama this May (2020). The signing has been postponed. We are currently still set to be in Oklahoma at the Hard Rock signing in July.

*To brighten your day, there are some giveaways happening now in the reader group and soon on TikTok.

Happy Reading!

A.R. Hall



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