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Anthologies and Shared Worlds

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Motorcycles, Mobsters, and Mayhem author event proudly presents The Mayhem Makers Series.

These standalone novels are brought to you by several bestselling authors specializing in writing twisted chaos. You'll get all the bikers, mobsters, and dark romance your heart can handle.

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A dark, twisted, modern retelling of the classic, The Great Gatsby.
Only this time, Jay will stop at nothing until Daisy is where she belongs, on her knees and next to him.

Daisy Buchanan isn’t happy with her life. An arranged marriage to a man that sees her as nothing more than a trophy on a shelf. She acts the doting wife in public even though she can hear the whispers. The public thinks of her as nothing more than a conceited socialite, and maybe that’s for the best.

Jay Gatsby did everything necessary to set himself and Daisy up for life. Only when he returned, she was married and living halfway across the country. He’s not one to give up though, so he spends the next year biding his time and setting things up for her to stumble back into his life.

One hour is all he needs to have her in the palm of his hand again. She always was the perfect submissive. Now, he needs to take care of those that stand in the way of their happiness. Whatever it takes.

Daisy fears for Jay’s safety if her family finds out. Can she stay away even as he forces his way back into her life?

Jay isn’t the same young man he was when she first met him. He’s made friends in the hell he rose from. She’s more of a brat than she once was, and his hand is itching to correct her behavior.

Real life isn’t full of romance and happily ever after. It’s made up of stolen moments in the dark with the chance of getting caught.

Will it be worth it in the end?

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