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Imagine if those big, epic, world building, fantasy books filled with characters was turned into a collection of stories of varying lengths. That was the idea behind A.R. Hall's Ethereal World. Each book is centered around a specific character or couple, but they give you a different view of the world being built around them. While each book is a standalone, they are best read in their series order. 

Ethereal World

Welcome to A.R. Hall’s Ethereal World. A place where angels and demons are in control, magic is a gift, and sometimes a deal can be made for a second chance.

Join the Circus

The Ringmistress ebook cover-3.jpg

There had been dark times for the past twenty years. Anyone with even an ounce of magic in them had been in hiding and on the run. There was only one sacred haven that drew them together. It was where they traveled and provided a light in the darkness.

The Circum Magicae.

Elizabeth Magella had been waiting for the moment she would come into her destiny since she was a little girl. She’d worked her way up during the dark times and was now the leader of the circus. There was just one problem—someone wanted to take it from her and turn it into something it wasn't.

Andrew Castein knew what they all thought. He had something to prove, but his last name got in the way. It came with perks—and expectations—he didn't want. And it didn't help that the one person he had a connection with hated him in ways he couldn't defend against.

Darkness was lurking around the corner. With more gifted individuals coming to the surface, it was proving the dark was still eclipsing the light. There were still some in the world who thought people with powers should be wiped from the Earth. How could they tell who was on their side, and could any of them trust a stranger?

Penelope Kade had been on the run during the dark times, trying to stay ahead of the nightmares. She finally found her place though, in Circum Magicae. She had made friends and developed her first crush. Then she saw something she hadn't been expecting. Something she long ago thought she hallucinated.

A shifter.

John O'Toole was a man of few words. He kept himself busy to keep the animal at bay. That was before a new aerialist joined the circus, one that made his beast speak for the first time in ten years.

He found her.


Could she accept the other side of him? What happens when the biggest secret you've been keeping is the very thing that threatens your happiness? A change is coming.

The Tightrope Walker ebook cover copy.jpg
The Fortune Teller ebook cover-2.jpg

Tierney Brimm had seen more than her share of ghosts. Enough to last multiple lifetimes. It didn’t help when the things she saw blended in with the surrounding reality. What was real anyway?

Damon had made it his mission to help balance the scales. Giving second chances to those who deserved it came easy. Then he saw her.


He knew she was special. Her gifts weren’t like the others. She was something that had been extinct for a long time. He had to know her.


Tierney did her best to avoid Damon over the years. It wasn’t easy when she felt the unnatural pull to be consumed by him. It felt wrong because she had already found her great love in life and lost it.


Life is full of second chances, even when we don’t see them. What would you do if fate challenged you to be more? What happens when the love you desire comes at a cost?

The First Generation

MFTOS ebook cover.jpg
liar liar ebook cover.jpg
Her Monster A.R. Hall ebook.jpg
Mate for the Holidays A.R. Hall ebook.jpg
Fated New Year ebook.jpg

Welcome to Everdale

Hidden in a valley between the mountains lies the small town of Everdale. It’s been a haven for those with gifts since it was founded. The Everdale National Park Forest guards the side near the one road leading in and out of town. Asylum MC property guards the other side, along the river. A place filled with secrets needs all the protection it can get.

Everdale's Asylum MC ebook cover.jpg
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